Best books to read during quarantine!!!

1three daughters of Eve: One of the best book of the writer ELIF SHAFAK .

”she was sure she could be like neither Shirin-bold, confident — nor Mona-Faithful, resilient. She was tired of herself, hurt by the past, scared of the future, Dark in spirit, confused by nature, timid like a newborn tiger, yet incapable of honoring the wildness she carried inside… No one could know how exhausting it was to be PERI. If only she could sleep and wake up as someone else. Or, better yet, not wake up at all.

2-the silent patient a thriller and suspense book

3-GUILLAUME MUSSO :Where Would I Be Without You?

4-Veronika decides to die by PAULO COELHO

5-Who moved my cheese?

SHINE. (poetry)

taking by brandonwoelfel

In this big world, i just need someone to hold my hand
In this big world, i just need a shoulder to rest in
I can’t count how much time I am in this darkness
What I know is that I am just searching for a light to make me out of this
Dear, I am standing in the edge of my life
not knowing where to go
I can’t go straight because
I may fall
I can’t go back because
I will be lost again
my dear, I want to go out of this
I want to be me again
Do you know what it felt to be lost, tired and empty ?
I said I am lost, but I don’t
have one or two paths to go through
I am just stuck
Dear, I remember when you told
be like the ocean,
it carries lot of things inside
but never complain
I am not complaining
these words, I have written them with pain and tears.
Yes, I am standing in the edge of my life
not waiting for anyone to save me
but hoping for wings to make me fly
so high that no one can catch me
I am a fighter,
this war was the beginning for me
to raise from the ashes
like a phoenix
do you see now the light on my eyes ?
I have won
I have something to be proud of now
this marks and this wounds, like
a warrior after the battle
he is proud of his wounds
I am now standing in the edge of my life
but this time, seeing all things in front of me shining
seeing all the beautiful things
that mad me who I am now.
It is time to tell you good bye dear
because I am now moving forward
to places you can never reach.


Falling in the emptiness, losing hope, this feeling of being empty we all know it but with a different degree, we all have life, but we don’t live it the same.
As we are growing up we face all the miseries of life, all the bad or good, sometimes we fall so bad, and sometimes we stand up so strong.but the hardest part is losing what we were looking for, not knowing which path should we take and in this darkness we start looking for the light.

without a feed
i have been seeking
without a help
i have been wondering
do I exist?
I’m full from living
nothing suits me
nothing ever makes me feel better
what am I doing here?
the universe is huge
is there someone to hold on to ?
who will stopped
this pain from raising again.

Seeing the beauty through everything!!

As human being, we pass through hard times, those times when we can’t even breath, talk or smile and seeing the beauty in the pain seems hard to believe. It comes time when we are looking for meaning of life, for good in the bad, for happiness inside of the darkness, for a smile in a sad face, for love inside of a hateful heart and for beauty in others.

We are as everyone is, going through hardships, but what we can’t understand is that from it we become stronger, believer, courageous, and full of hope, hope that everything is going to be okay and with the hardship, there is relief.

We may not know what others are facing, it is easy to judge people and people to judge us. However, we don’t know how much struggles this person is going through, We are very good lawyers for our own mistakes, but very good judges for the mistakes of others.

Instead of waiting the others failure or making them feel weak, look at yourself and ask if this is the life that you have been looking for, being the bad person is not the solution of your struggles because no one will take your place in life and no one could ,because you and i and them are special, what counts is that if you are going to make a difference in your life, because changes and self awareness and self-acceptance start by knowing what we truly want. You don’t need to deal with hardships but to accept it as everything else, since we are alive, it will be always ups and downs, good and bad, hate and love, darkness and light ….

Friendship:we fall in love with people flaws…


  Friendship is a relationship with someone who cares about you, gives you advice, stands next to you in the hardest time or even the good one. A friend is someone who makes you up when you’re down, who’ll wipe up your tears when you cry, who will fight away all your fears when you scream,a friend is someone who has a lot of responsibilities taking good care of himself and for the other one.

Even friendship is complicated, we learn through it a lot of things:How to be patient/How to accept differences/How to deal with people…as Muhammad Ali once said “Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”

Even though,sometimes we make mistakes and we hurt the other people, so how can we make a good relationship with the others?

1-be selective :there is different kind of people, so choose the one who can understand you, who has the same principles as you, but don’t wait for him or her to be perfect, because we are all human being, we make mistakes so just forget AND forgive as J STRELOU said :“we fall in love with people’s flaws;the perfect person would be impossible to love”.

2-take your time to choose your friend :don’t be that thirsty to friendship, don’t follow anyone around or beg someone to be your friend, get to know the other part first, be yourself,don’t try to make you a person who you aren’t so just be simple, friendly,spontaneous.

3-take the first action to know the other people more:when we were young making friends was really easy but now,older and older we don’t know even how to start a conversation so why we have been like that ? The truth is :we have to be as Rasheed Ogunlaru :“Be genuinely interested in everyone you meet and everyone you meet will be genuinely interested in you”.

4-be patient: not just in friendship but in all kinds of relationships, it is okay if you go through bad experience, but don’t forget that you have learned from it, we build our personalities from the bad experiences that we have been through, so be thankful to every person in your life who have stayed or left.

                 I always heard that when you want to achieve your dream you can go faster alone but with a true friend you can go further.A true find can add a meaning to your life,can let you know what you really want and deserve…❤


If you’re here today,it means that you have felt lonely at least once in your lifetime .that feeling of loneliness that kill us and let us struggle every day ,minute and second .We feel rejected and sometimes we are misunderstood ,we can’t even understand ourselves so how can we expect people to understand us ?

In order to change this and improve our life , we have to start first from ourselves and to set some new rules in our life in order to appreciate each moment of it.So why not starting now and i will give you a hand:

FIRST,you have to stop comparing yourself to others ,because we don’t have the same life , circumstances or struggles ,we don’t feel the same things ,they are different ,you are different and i am different .So love yourself more and more because it is you who resisted all those times when you failed but you never give up ,it is you who smiled when you are totally broken ,so thank yourself first ,give yourself the value that you need it ,because “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.”– Brené Brown

SECOND,let’s stop decreasing our friendship zone ,having more friends won’t cause any harm to us but may let you feel more loved ,more integrate in a we than in a I ,AS CARSON MCCULLERS once said;“The trouble with me is that for a long time I have just been an I person. All people belong to a We except me. Not to belong to a We makes you too lonesome.” .i know that friendship is complicated but why not give it try,life is an adventure and it is about taking risks ,so be the master of your own life .if you don’t take risks so who will take it for you?

THIRD,don’t be afraid to express your feelings ,smile when you are happy ,cry when you are sad ,ask when you are lost ,hug when you feel needy to be loved and remember to say these magical words to people who are important for you :i love you ,thank you and sorry.However,finding new hobbies can change you life 360 degree as painting,photography,dancing,singing…doing what we really like can make us happy,so enjoying our life to the bottom will be great.

In conclusion ,don’t let this word(loneliness)ruins you.As JENOVA CHEN said :**we are all born alone .the loneliness is definitely part of our journey**. Life is about ups and downs and knowing how to improve yourself can make you balance your life and accepting yourself.

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